Call Forwarding

What is call forwarding in telecom? Learn all you need to know about call forwarding here.

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a phone system feature that routes incoming calls to another phone number. Calls can be forwarded to numbers associated with a cell phone, landline phone, softphone, and voicemail, and can even be routed to multiple locations at one time.

How does call forwarding work?

When call forwarding is activated on a number, any calls made to that number will be forwarded to another phone number or even several phone numbers. Callers are not aware that their call is being forwarded when making calls to a number that has call forwarding activated.

What are the benefits of call forwarding?

The main benefits of using call forwarding include allowing increased availability, mobility, and accessibility for companies around the world. Call forwarding is fantastic way to help give businesses control over their phone system, improve customer service, and streamline communications for their callers.

How much does call forwarding cost?

The cost of call forwarding service includes a monthly fee, call charges, and any add-on fees for additional phone system features. When call forwarding service is set up, you can select either a pay-per-minute plan or a package. Pay-per-minute plans give the lowest monthly price, but you'll pay a call charge for talk time minutes, and per-minute call rates will typically be higher on average when compared to a package plan. Package plans will already include talk time minutes in your monthly fee--you'll pay a high subscription fee, but the cost of your call charges will be much lower than a pay-per-minute plan. Overall, country and the type of number are the biggest factors in monthly cost.

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