Automatic call distribution

What is automatic call distribution (ACD) in telecom? Learn all you need to know about ACD here.

What is automatic call distribution?

Automatic call distribution (ACD) or automatic call routing, refers to a process in a phone system that allows you to distribute incoming calls based on customized rules. In the simplest form, you can choose linear prioritization or hunt groups. Automated call distribution software allows your business to distribute calls based on the time of day, custom percentages, or even the skills of individual agents.

How does automatic call distribution software work?

The best thing about automatic call distribution software is that it is customizable. That means that you get to choose how you would like your calls to be distributed amongst your agents. Calls can be routed with custom rules based on time of day, skill, talk time, and more. In all of these scenarios, calls follow the ACD process of caller identification from IVR prompts, queuing the call, and then routing the call.

Benefits of ACD

Enhanced Call Management: Using an ACD, your team avoids wasting time by routing calls in an organized way. Additionally, by distributing calls fairly and equally, it ensures your team is performing the same amount of work and lessens idle time for your agents.

Improved Customer Experiences: ACD routing diverts callers to the team member that can best handle their needs. This ensures that your callers are attended to immediately, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

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