General FAQs

QWhat is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a telephony feature which automatically routes (or forwards) a user’s incoming calls to another number.

QWhere can I forward a toll free number?

A toll free number can be forwarded to a landline, mobile or SIP phone or a PBX system.

QDoes CallForwarding.com offer a control panel in which I can manage my account?

Yes. The Self-Care User Portal enables customers to review and manage their account settings and preferences, call logs and recordings, billing information, and much more.

QWhat types of numbers does CallForwarding.com offer?

There are two types of numbers available.

  1. Toll free numbers are virtual numbers allowing callers to contact a business for free. With over 100 countries worldwide providing toll free service, businesses provide one number for the entire country. 
  2. Local phone numbers are the same thing as DID/DDI or city-specific numbers. These numbers are tied to a particular geographic location and have call forwarding capabilities, too.
QHow can I purchase a toll free or local number of my choice?

If the number you need is available and offered by the corresponding country or city, purchasing a number is very simple. In just three easy steps, you can have a number from CallForwarding.com and start expanding your global reach.

QIs there a contract involved to set up the service?

No. When purchasing a phone number from CallForwarding.com, no contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees are required. We offer simple payment plans, allowing you to pay only for the minutes you use and cancel at anytime without penalty.

QCan I transfer my existing toll free number to CallForwarding.com?

Yes. CallForwarding.com will submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf and retrieve the number from your current carrier typically within a few days (although it depends on the cooperation of your previous service provider). This process is called RespOrg and is free of charge.

QAre there confidentiality guarantees? How do we ensure the privacy of those who call us?

We are governed and regulated by the FCC, thus required by US law to protect all consumer information.

QIn what countries are international toll free numbers available? Do any restrictions exist?

Review this document for more information: CallForwarding.com ITFS/UFIN Matrix (PDF download)

Customer FAQs

QHow do I access the Self-Care User Portal?

There are two sign in pages that live within CallForwarding.com. Both can be accessed by clicking on the “Sign In” tab found at the top of all CallForwarding.com website pages.


Additionally, customers who signed up with CallForwarding.com before August 11, 2013 can sign into the self-care portal found here: https://customer.callforwarding.com:8444/

Customers who signed up with CallForwarding.com on or after August 11, 2013 can sign into the self-care portal found here: https://login.callforwarding.com/

QWhy do I see multiple lines per call in my call records?

A VoIP call will have multiple “legs.” For example, when you forward a toll free number to another number, there will be two legs. The first leg is from the caller’s carrier to the toll free number. The second leg is from the toll free number to the destination number. Depending on the type of call and the numbers involved, there could be charges for each leg or just one of the legs. Note: you are not being charged twice for the same call.

QWhy am I experiencing poor call quality?

Poor call quality is most frequent due to insufficient internet bandwidth, although it could result from other reasons, as well. If you do experience poor call quality, it is important to gather the following information so that CallForwarding.com can help:

Time and Date of the call

Direction of the call (inbound or outbound)

The number that was called

The type of internet connection you have

The bandwidth of your internet connection


Remember, if you need to submit call quality issues, contact support@callforwarding.com or call +1 770 261 1500.

QHow do I set up features for my toll free or local number?

Email support@callforwarding.com and request a copy of the desired feature how-to guide.

QCan I change my forwarding rules myself?

Yes. You have the ability to change this within the Self-Care User Portal. Email support@callforwarding.com and request your own copy of the “How to Change My Forwarding Rules” guide.

QWhat do I need to configure my softphones or PBX?

Email support@callforwarding.com and request your own copy of the “How to Configure My Softphone/PBX” guide.