Dominican Republic Virtual Phone Numbers

Get answers to the most common questions about Dominican Republic virtual phone numbers, including:

  • Which types of Dominican Republic virtual numbers are available
  • Differences between toll free and local virtual numbers in the Dominican Republic
  • How to get a Dominican Republic phone number for your business
  • Other frequently asked questions and answers

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    Types of Dominican Republic Virtual Phone Numbers Available

    The telecom industry can be confusing, so let’s answer some common questions first. There are many different terms that providers around the world may use when referring to virtual phone numbers in the Dominican Republic, including: 

    • Dominican Republic VoIP numbers
    • Dominican Republic SIP numbers
    • Dominican Republic IP numbers

    All those terms refer to toll free or local phone numbers in Dominican Republic. What’s the difference between them? 

    Differences Between Toll Free and Local VoIP Numbers in Dominican Republic

    Toll free numbers in the Dominican Republic are 11 digit business phone lines that don't cost the caller anything to dial them. They are easily recognized by their area code. The most common toll free area code in the Dominican Republic is 1800.

    Local virtual numbers in the Dominican Republic are 10-digits long and have an area code associated with a specific city or region. They are also known as the Dominican Republic DID numbers or geographic numbers. When dialing these numbers, callers will only be charged the same rate as they pay when making a call to any other local phone number, even if their call is being answered by someone in another country. Popular local phone numbers in the Dominican Republic include Santiago and Santo Domingo.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Numbers in the Dominican Republic

    To make an international call to the Dominican Republic, first dial your country's IDD (this is usually 00, 011, or 0011), followed by Dominican Republic's country code +1, and then the phone number you wish to connect to.

    For example, to call the Dominican Republic from the US, you dial: 

    +1 + the Dominican Republic phone number you wish to connect to

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