What Are The Benefits of Toll Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are easier to procure than ever. But what makes them so desirable to businesses? Here’s just a few benefits that make them tempting.

Instant activation

For starters, it’s easy. Most toll free numbers can be activated immediately. So, by the time your payment has cleared online, you’re ready to start receiving calls. And in this ‘give it to me now’ world, the faster you can get a toll free number up and running, the faster customers can start to find you.

Additional Calling Features

Any company worth its snuff offers not only instant activation but an array of call features such as call forwarding, enhanced routing, and self provisioning. All of this can make a small business seem big or make a bigger business happy by giving them only the features they want and not charging them for features they’ll never use.


Because calls to toll free numbers can be forwarded virtually anywhere, customers can reach you whenever and wherever you need them to. That builds business and customer loyalty.

Reliable Phone Service

As the increasing number of toll free providers crowds the market, the demand for the highest quality service gets louder. Your business can’t afford to have the phones go down and neither can the company providing you with that phone service. It’s too easy to switch these days.

Increased Presence

Toll free numbers are perceived by customers as a sign of an established business. So, by simply getting a toll free number you can build up your company’s image. Also, a toll free number can be used in markets outside your local area as a means to increase your presence in other areas.