Toll free numbers – Why are they so appealing to customers?

A toll free number is an open invitation for a customer to call your business. But, why do they? Perhaps the main reason is toll free numbers have been around for nearly 40 years and are well known as a ‘free call’ option.

Given the choice a customer will invariably call a toll free number over a long distance number, even in this age of mobile phones and free long distance. Again, the question is why? There is a credibility factor that stems from toll free numbers. A toll free number gives your business an air of legitimacy and responsibility that consumers are drawn to. Also, customers appreciate a business that is willing to give them a means of reaching them that is free to call.

Customer satisfaction can also benefit from a toll free option. Customers are much less likely to be irritated to be put on hold when calling a toll free number as opposed to calling long distance and being put on hold.

In general, businesses benefit greatly from offering customers an 800 number to call. Ads containing a toll free number are 30% more likely to create a response. And, when calling, versus ordering online or mail ordering, customers tend to increase their order size.

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