Toll Free Numbers for Marketing Campaigns

Toll free numbers for marketing campaigns boost campaign results by adding credibility, making customer calls affordable, and making call tracking easy. Toll free numbers can include vanity numbers.

If you are looking to boost your marketing campaign, a toll free number may be the best solution. Businesses often use toll free numbers so that callers do not have to bear the pricey costs associated with placing a long distance call.  Many businesses do not have a large marketing department at their disposal, therefore business owners must come up with branding efforts that are cost efficient and beneficial. Toll free numbers serve as a vital marketing strategy with the ability to analyze your incoming calls, provide reliable customer service and enhance your marketing campaigns.

Track Your Marketing Campaign Calls

Toll free numbers can serve as a marketing tool by helping businesses track integral analytics data.  Using a specific toll free number for a particular marketing campaign will help you pinpoint what strategies are most effective in order to generate the best results for your business. Not only will you be able to identify what is working, you can also use the ongoing feedback to make adjustments to your message.  New call tracking tools pass along the marketing campaign name, the ad version, the keyword used by your customer, along with time of day and location of the customer. Analyzing your incoming toll free calls allows you to see not only how many customers called, but what areas of the country were most responsive.

Toll free numbers can be utilized on various advertising platforms.  Create a unique toll free number per marketing channel, website, print, television, pay-per-click advertising and radio.  Toll free numbers act as a trackable marketing tool that drives inbound leads, sales and ROI.

Toll Free Numbers for Marketing Add Credibility with Instant Customer Service

Currently, US toll free numbers drive more qualified and valuable leads then any contact form on a website. Of course, businesses can build trust in a number of ways, but when the customer’s needs are met with a friendly adviser, they are more likely to call back for additional products or services.  Customers are also more likely to refer a friend or colleague to your company if they are getting good service from your company.  By providing customer service with a toll free number,  you can enhance the image of a successful and reliable business.  Not only does it show the customer that you are accessible, but that you will go the extra step to have open communication that extends coast to coast.

Toll free numbers for marketing also give your company national reach, rather than solely targeting your local area.  A toll free number sends the message that you are a national company looking for customers worldwide.

If you think toll free numbers are too expensive or a thing of the past, think again. You may be letting at least half of all your potential sales go by not having a memorable toll free number.  Further, international toll free numbers allow your business to appear larger than it may actually be.  If you are a small business in Australia, your business will appear larger when callers can call a 1-800 toll free number.

Toll Free Numbers as Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are an extremely effective marketing tool for companies as well.  Many successful businesses define their brand with a vanity toll free number, such as 1800Contacts and 1-800 Flowers.  Your brand identity tells the world how and why you are different from your competitors.  Vanity numbers are catchy and easy to remember.  After all, your business name or benefit is in the number itself.

Having a memorable toll free vanity number not only keeps your clients coming back but it also makes it easy for them to remember the number, which will simply lead to more referrals.

This feature does not cost any more than a regular toll free number randomly generated numbers.  Certain vanity spellings can be hard to find or they are often already occupied.  This doesn’t go to say that being creative doesn’t get you a catchy, easy-to-remember vanity number. Furthermore, you can even request that we acquire a toll free number containing a series of memorable numbers, such as Delta’s 1-800-221-1212.

Toll free numbers for marketing boost your marketing power.  They can help bring your company to the top of your industry.  Companies of all sizes, from large corporations to start-ups, are relying on toll free numbers.  Their customers enjoy easy and free access to their call centers and customer service representatives. Toll free numbers have become efficient marketing tool.  This contributes to the increased popularity of toll free numbers for marketing. If you want to grow your marketing efforts without breaking your budget, consider using toll free numbers from CallForwarding to your advantage.

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