How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

People around the world are using Twitter to share information instantly, connect with people and businesses, and discover the latest news.  With hundreds of millions of users and 500 million tweets being sent each day, it is a very viable network to grow your business and reach new and existing customers.

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

Whether you are a start-up or a small to medium sized business, Twitter is a great social media platform to drive traffic to your website and grow your brand in a cost-effective way.  Twitter allows you to interact with customers, share new products and provide customer support.  Here are some tips for using Twitter as a platform to achieve your business goals.

Getting Started with Twitter for Business

Schedule Tweets

Don’t have time to sit around and tweet all day?  One of the best practices is to learn how to schedule tweets.  Set aside some time each day to schedule tweets for times when you are busy or out of the office.  However, make sure to not overwhelm your audience with too much content.  Try to continue to interact with followers and Retweet relevant content between tweets.

Establish Your Business as a Reliable Source of Industry Info

One way to build a trustworthy and strong Twitter presence is to share content and news related to your industry.  This can mean sharing your own content or posts and articles from others. (Just check that you are tweeting or retweeting from a reliable source.)  The better the quality,  the more people will share your content and follow your page.


It is important to not just post content but to actually engage and become part of the conversation.  When a follower asks a question and you think you can answer it,  you should respond publicly.  This helps build brand loyalty through short conversations, which can be extremely powerful and relevant.

Tailor Content for Your Markets

No matter where your customers are located, one size does not fit all.  Make sure to consider unique cultural differences and interest, especially if you have international customers. For example,  you may need to adjust your tweet copy, images or offerings to appropriately reflect the unique tone of the region.

Understand Your Audience with Twitter Analytics

Using the Twitter analytics tool can give you valuable insight to important details, such as when to tweet and which tweets are receiving the most engagement.  These small details make a huge difference and allow you to maximize engagement.  Twitter Analytics also allows you to see how many followers you receive over a period of time, compare your tweet activity over time, and review a detailed view of the number of retweets, replies, clicks and follows.

Announce Special Offers and New Products

Utilize Twitter to spread the word about specials offers and new products.  It is an easy way to share these deals instantly to a large audience.  Make sure to use appropriate hashtags to gain extra exposure.  If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, look at some of your competitors Twitter pages and see what hashtags they are using to leverage their offers.

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are essential for organizing a curated group of users and managing how you look at tweets.   You can create a list for particular groups you want to monitor, such as a customer list and a competitor list.

But, keep in mind that viewing a list timeline will only show you the stream of tweets from the users you put on the list.  List are not a way to send Tweets to a select group, just to read them.

Twitter Ads

If you are serious about making Twitter a part of your marketing strategy,  you will want to utilize Twitter Ads.  Advertising on Twitter and help you generate leads and increase your audience and reach.  Twitter Ads have robust targeting capabilities and allow you to analyze your performance and results so that you can optimize your campaigns.

Twitter is an excellent tool for business if you know how to use it.  Getting started with these tips will give you some extra insight to help you make the best use of Twitter for your business.

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