How Much Do Australia Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How much do Australia toll free numbers cost? The cost of your Australia toll free number really depends on a few factors. To answer this question accurately, your toll free number provider will need to know which country your incoming calls will be sent to, and the device you’ll use to answer the calls.

What Country Will Your Australia Toll Free Calls Be Sent To?

We already know that your incoming calls will originate in Australia, but we need to know the location of where the calls will be sent. This location is often referred to as the “terminating country.”

Your rate per minute will vary depending on the terminating country. For instance, if a customer calls your Australia toll free number and the call is sent to a phone in the United Kingdom, the rate per minute can be greater or cost less than it would if the call were sent to a phone in Brazil or India.

Remember that calls terminating to a VoIP softphone are always cheaper, no matter the terminating country.

How Will Your Australia Toll Free Calls Be Answered?

Voip Landline Cell Phone_

Incoming calls can be sent to VoIP, landline, or mobile device, however your rate per minute (RPM) will vary depending on the answering device. VoIP calls are almost always cheaper than calls sent to a landline or mobile device.

So, How Much Will My Australia Toll Free Number Cost?

The monthly charge for an Australia toll free number could be between $15.00 and $25.00. Listed below are some of the most popular terminating countries. For each of these countries, you’ll find an estimated rate per minute for calls terminating to VoIP, landline, and mobile. Of course, your RPM and monthly charge will be different with each service provider.

Australia Toll Free Cost

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