Does Your Business Need An 800 number?

A surge in the number of toll free providers means it has never been easier or more affordable for a business to set up a toll free number. But does your business really need a toll free number? While that is a question each business owner must answer for themselves, the increasingly competitive marketplace and the ever expanding global economy seems to point to the same answer: Yes!

A toll free number or a local number in a city in which your business needs a presence is more accessible today than ever before. By providing your customers or potential customers with a means of reaching you that is a free to call, you increase your status in that market and, more importantly, increase your chances of getting a call. And, as every business owner knows, more calls mean more opportunities for new business.

Advanced telephony features that can give your business a much larger feel are also more accessible and affordable than ever before. With services that can route calls to a cell phone, home phone or IP address, interactive voice response features, ‘follow me’ and ‘find me’ options and much more, your business never has to miss an important call again and can project a much more impressive presence to potential customers.

Given the attractive pricing, the ease of set up and the depth of services options, there has never been a better time for a businesses to invest in toll free numbers.