3 Ways A Toll Free Number Boosts Marketing Efforts

Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive way to boost marketing efforts for your company? Well, a toll free number may be the solution you need! A small change in contact information can lead to a huge increase in sales opportunities.

Vanity Numbers

An easy to remember vanity number, such as 1-800-POPCORN, could be the last step you need to draw in opportunities. Every marketer works extremely hard to gain the attention of potential clients, so they know first-hand how difficult this can be. By including this number on the website, email campaigns, landing pages, and other advertising materials, brand recognition is increased. Complicated, non-intuitive numbers could lose the attention you worked so hard to gain. A seven letter word that represents your product or service is much easier to recall than a seven digit number.

Automatic Credibility

National toll free numbers automatically create an image that your company is big, professional, and legitimate. People are more likely to do business or buy a product from a credible source. Establishing credibility is an important part of marketing endeavors, and a toll free number is a huge leap in the right direction towards apparent legitimacy. No one has to know if you’re a one-man operation or a startup being run out of your mom’s basement!

Positive Perception

When comparing prices for new service or product providers, customers are looking for the most cost-effective options. A toll free number means that you care enough about your customers to not make them pay to call you. Not only does this shows that you are responsible, but also willing to go the extra step to have open communication with your customers no matter the geographic location. By being accessible nationwide, you have a presence that extends coast to coast.


So, are you ready to watch your sales soar? Whether you choose a vanity number or not, we want to help you earn the automatic credibility and positive perception that you deserve. Let us help you set up your toll free number today!

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