What is Call Forwarding?

What is Call ForwardingWhat is call forwarding?

This is a question we get all the time. More often than not, business owners stumble upon call forwarding service providers and aren’t sure what call forwarding is or how it works. In order for your business to benefit from a call forwarding service, we think you should know just as much about it as your service provider.

So, What Is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a telephone service that forwards calls made to a local number or toll free number in a distant location to your cell phone, landline, laptop computer, or PBX.  Your laptop computer, with soft phone software, can receive calls forwarded over the internet using SIP protocol.   You can forward calls to multiple devices in sequence.  Many businesses use call forwarding services with either a toll free number or a local number in a distant location so that customers in that remote market can call the business toll free.

This means that you can have a toll free or local phone number wherever your customers are, and incoming calls to that number can be sent to wherever you or your employees are located. Call forwarding gives you unlimited mobility and ensures that you’ll never miss an important phone call again.  It also enables you to work with virtual team members who work remotely.

When Would I Use Call Forwarding?

Use call forwarding whenever you’re not at your desk or are on travel.  You can also use call forwarding with in-market toll free numbers and local numbers to receive calls from your customers in different countries.

Example 1:

  • You have an office in the UK, but all of your customers are located in Mexico. You provide your customers in Mexico with a toll free or local number that they can call to reach you. They pay nothing, and their calls are forwarded directly to you at your UK office.

Example 2:

  • You have to step out of the office for a lunch meeting but you’re still expecting an important phone call. A call forwarding service would allow you to forward all incoming calls from your desk phone to your cell phone while you’re out of the office.  When you return, you can easily switch incoming calls back to your desk phone.

If you still have questions about call forwarding, please send an email to marketing@callforwarding.com and we’d be happy to answer them for you.