Can I Forward Calls to My Cell Phone?

Can I forward toll free calls to my cell phone? This is one of the first questions that customers always ask us before they buy a toll free number with call forwarding service.  Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, so it makes sense why people want to forward business calls to their cell phones.  You just can’t risk missing important phone calls when you’re not in the office.

Yes, you can forward your incoming toll free calls to landline, mobile phone, SIP phone (soft phone on your laptop), or PBX. Did you know that calls can be forwarded to multiple devices? You can also choose how long each phone rings before forwarding to the next device. This feature (sequential ringing) is convenient for businesses with employees who work remotely or travel frequently.

Can I Forward Calls to My Cell Phone

What types of numbers can be forwarded to my cell phone?

You can forward any US toll free number, international toll free number, or local number to your cell phone.

Will this cost extra?

Additional fees may apply when forwarding calls to a mobile device, however the cost depends on the country where your toll free number is based, and your cell phone carrier. Forwarding calls to VoIP will almost always be cheaper.

How will this affect my customer when they call?

Your customers will never know if their call is answered via cell phone, landline, or VoIP softphone. The quality of the call will be as good as any other call you make or receive with your cell phone. There’s no downtime, music, or waiting involved when forwarding calls to a cell phone.

Can I temporarily forward calls to my cell phone when I’m out of the office or is this a permanent change?

Yes, most service providers including let you add and edit your ring-to phone number through a user self-care web portal.

Can I stop or change call forwarding when I’m not available?

Yes, with time of day routing rules that you can set up in your self-care portal, you can have “after hours” calls forward to a different number, including an answering service or a virtual office in another location.